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|| yatvagasthi gatam papam dehe tishthti mamke
prasnat panchgavyasya dahasagnirivendhnam ||

Welcome to Goseva (Go Kripa) - a Panchgavya - ayurvedic product manufacturing unit, engaged into indigenous breed cow protection and cow care. Our unit is based at JASDAN, Gujarat, India. The following products of daily use are being manufactured by us at our factory. It is noteworthy here that all the products are made with best quality and purity.

GoSeva Products

We are is Online, dedicated to cow care protection movement, aim and bounded with ‘How Desi Cow Can Be Value-added’. We are in India, manufacturers Producing Herbal Panchagavya (CowPathy) based natural ayurvedic products which is

Benefits of Panchgavya Products

Panchgavya is a unite of five glorious elements from Mother Cow. COW URINE, COW DUNG, COW MILK, COW CURD and COW GHEE. Consumption of Panchgavya on regular bases  removes toxins from our body, miraculous healing of food addictions, it cures from side effects of Alcohol & Tobacco etc. Ghee, Curd helps to improve immune system.

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Disease you can Control with
Panchgavya Products

According to Sastra and Vedas, indigenous breeds like Gir cow’s produces high quality of PANCHGAVYA.

Explore the disease section below and know how it can be curable with Panchgavya.

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This is how we do GoSeva

We are trying to make Gomata self sufficient through value addition of their BY Products and we are educating the people in large for the same purpose.


What our Gaubhakts say about their experience after using our Panchgavya products. They are glorifying it all in their own words.