Spiritual Satvik Dhoop - Pure Incense

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Satvik Shudh Dhoop : Pure Incense, air purifier

Shudh dhoop purifies the complete atmosphere of your home. The scent of shudh dhoop makes entire surrounding pure and pleasing.

Mata Rukhmini used to burn dhoop to please Dwarkadhish whenever he was around her. Burning dhoop makes ambience harmonizing and it is good for physical and spiritual well-being.

Burning shudh dhoop made from Gir cow is equivalent to performing sacrifice (Yagya). It is also useful to kill bacteria and SWINE FLU H1N1 virus. The natural essence of dhoop provides divine purity.

With the use of shud dhoop one does not need to use mosquito coils as it is good mosquito repellent. Frequent use of dhoop is recommended for spiritual development.

Our Shudh dhoop is entirely pure and no chemicals are used in making it. The money earned by the sale of dhoop is used for cow maintenance and protection.


Cow dung base made with selected herbs.


सात्विक सुद्ध धुप :

वातावरण के प्रदुषण को दूरऔर शुद्ध करता है ,मन को प्रसन्न करे ,12 घंटे तक घर में प्रभाव रखे।, हिमालय की प्राकृतिक जडीबुटीओ से बनाया हुआ ,केमिकल रहित जो तुम्हारे इष्टदेव को अर्पण करने से प्रसन्न होते है ,अनुभव की बात है।

  • Shudh Dhoop : Pure Incense ‚ Satvik Dhoop
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Review & Rating

  • R
    by ramprasath on Mar 20, 2017
    A rustic woody smoke which evokes a traditional ambient aroma in a deep,calm sense
  • R
    by ramprasath on Jul 13, 2017
    it gives a Very organic smoke which is as exactly like a havan (homa) smoke, which sensitizes the space. if you like mild havan(homa) smoke around you and want it handy you should go for this. you will be happy.
  • R
    by RAJESH NAGAR on Sep 29, 2017
    Execellent Product from GOSEVA
  • V
    by V.good on Oct 05, 2017
  • S
    by Shashwat on Oct 17, 2017
    does not give any fragrance. Stops burning after every minute . Down rating.
  • Y
    by Yuvraj on Jan 01, 2018
    environment cleansing.
  • D
    by Devidas Mittha on Mar 08, 2018
    Very Good & Pure.
  • R
    by ramit halder on Apr 16, 2018
    Very good product
  • B
    by B.L parmar on Jun 13, 2018
  • A
    by Abhi on Jul 14, 2018
    Purifies the air and keeps away mosquitoes so no disturbance during puja. The benefits of desi cow dung is evident. Keep up the good work. Those looking for fragrance might want to use an agarbatti along with the dhoop.
  • M
    by Murali Kaimal on Oct 25, 2018
  • R
    by Rohit Sarkar on Dec 07, 2018
    Truly divine and soul touching
  • K
    by Krishna Rao Gujjar on Dec 24, 2018
    Excellent Product, I am using it as Mosquito repellent.
  • D
    by Dipanshu on Jan 11, 2019
    Excellent and good dhoop
  • S
    by Shrivathsa on Jan 26, 2019
    Best product
  • D
    by Dr.c.p.mishra on Mar 01, 2019
    आपके द्वारा जो गौ सेवा की जा रही है तो बहुत ही सराहनीय है। हरे कृष्णा
  • A
    by Anitha on May 19, 2019
    Must have item in Puja room
  • A
    by Amit Kumar Tripathi on Jul 23, 2019
  • N
    by Narayan bhai on Jan 13, 2020
  • G
    by Gururaj Gadad on May 29, 2020
    I like this product very much. But every time I order this product, I am getting some broken pieces in the box. It becomes very difficult to light the broken pieces. Please take care while packing
  • J
    by Jitendra Sharma Jaipur on Aug 27, 2020
    Hare Krsna! The Product is very pure and sattvik. But while using it I faced an issue that the dhoop stick and Agarbatti sticks does not burn completely till end. The dhoop and agarbatti stick goes off after burning 60% in almost all the times. Goswea Team and Ghanshyam Das Paabhu need to take feedback from its regular old customers. Please note that I use candle to lighten up the dhoop stick.
  • S
    by Shrinivas Kulk on Sep 13, 2020
    Excellent products
  • R
    by Ravikiran on Sep 27, 2020
    Excellent product, very nice fragrance and it purifies environment. I can feel the spirituality of gomata in its fragrance. Very very nice quality product and pure.
  • S
    by Shiv Simha on Nov 08, 2020
    Excellent product. Really makes the atmosphere divine.
  • B
    by Best product..Our whole family like it very much. on Feb 22, 2021
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  • S
    by S. Shankar on Mar 30, 2021
    very good dhoop, gives a real feel of havan, thankful for Such a good product and prompt delivery